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ep.42 Female violence in art and in real life w/ Lara - Joy Bues (THE PEN FRIENDSHIP)
ep.42 Female violence in art and in real life w/ Lara - Joy Bues (THE PEN FRIENDSHIP)

🦷 A conversation about jail life and violence with Lara-Joy from ⁠markusundmarkus theather colective. ⁠🦷


Penthesilea, Judith, Clytemnestra, Medea, Lady Macbeth. Night after night, we let ourselves be sprinkled by their acts of violence, enjoying the drama, murder, and killing. We watch true crime; we consume violence on TV, on stage, and in books. But if it gets real, we take people out of society and don´t look closer.

If Penthesilea and the others were not trapped in Reclam books, they would probably be in prison. There, the Markus & Markus theater collective tracked down the - very real - protagonists of this evening for their new play and began to write them letters. 🪡 

 🕸 "In previous times, we have built up pen-pal relationships with people in lifelong lockdown – in prison. Together with them, we have worked on this production, to which we cordially invite you today. We have missed you.

- Best wishes and take care, your Markus&Markus theater collective" 🫶

🧶  22 and 23 of September 2023, Friday / Big hall



🧊Thanks to our friends from ⁠ProCasters⁠ for helping us record this episode. 🧊

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