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ep. 46 KILL ALL IDOLS or don't w/Jan Mocek

ep. 46 KILL ALL IDOLS or don't w/Jan Mocek

🧩 What do we do when it's time to move on? With what do we replace the hole of the missing idol? 🪢

🎳 I accuse Jan of being one of the best interlocutors of this season, and it's only October. 🤧 We talked about spaghetti, cubes, how to destroy your past, and why we should not.

⁠Jan Mocek⁠ is coming again to ⁠TOPLOCENTRALA⁠ for the big bald and the brave performance ⁠present:perfect. ⁠We are surrounded by monuments of the past, cement memories that are not even ours. 🗿

🤖 "Present: perfect is a performance that explores the iconoclastic gestures by which we relate today to the symbols of our own past as the source of our cultural identity. The original performers, Irina Andreeva and Tinka Avramova, will guide you through our museum, which has many valuable historical objects in its collection - but these only commemorate different versions of important historical events, and it is already difficult to distinguish which ones are important, which ones are good to remember and which ones are better to forget. The representative spaces of the venerable memory institution are slowly turning into a bizarre "rage room", where events long past are transformed into the most current present, and forgotten history becomes a rocket launcher for the present."

🪰 big premiere, big biznis! 🪰

🦇 14 October 2023, Saturday 🦇

🕷 Big hall / 19:30 hour, ⁠TOPLOCENTRALA⁠ 🕷



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