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5 minutes / S O U T H W I N D / Art karaoke with Davis Freeman
5 minutes / S O U T H W I N D / Art karaoke with Davis Freeman

🍁 SEPTEMBER is starting BIG with the mixed media performance of Maxime Berthou, Mark Požlep, and Davis Freeman called SOUTHWIND.                       

💥The piece will give us a different point of view and more depth about the American reality down the Mississippi river. 

*Due to strong light effects, we do not recommend viewing for people with epilepsy or heart disease.

🎟 TICKETS  for the performance on the 2nd of September in Toplocentrala.

Surprise, surprise! 🎤 

Karaoke performance mixed with a visual exhibition made up by the one and only Davis Freeman.

🎺 The ultimate bangers from the karaoke world!

🎞 Insane visual elements!

🗣 The audience singing their guts out... but there is a catch!

📍 Be there on the 3rd of September to find out. 


Топлоцентрала блог


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